Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. I am a Washington D.C. based wedding & portrait photographer celebrating chic, timeless & joyful couples. My photography journey began when my college roommate & dear friend asked me to be her wedding photographer- I said yes and figured it out later-purchased a camera, took lots of flower practice shots for about a year & haven't looked back since! I will forever be grateful to my forever friends & first couple for seeing the potential in me before I ever did.

Home away from home.

If this photo gives you idyllic vibes from a faraway 15th century European town, it's because it is! Born & raised in Romania, moved here with family when I was 10. It will forever be a huge part of my life, in terms of culture, values, and of course the memories I have. I love being able to go back & visit family when I get the chance. Be sure to tell me about your heritage if that's special to you when you inquire!

Fueled by coffee- always.

I started drinking coffee back in my high school days when I used to be a student teacher & after class would head over to my little brother's elementary school to teach second graders how to count coins- let's just say I am soo glad I didn't choose that career path & so grateful for all teachers out there. At first, drinking coffee was not by choice but by necessity- now I think it may be my favorite part of the day.

By the beach.

There is nothing that makes me happier than the beach, iced coffee & a good book. Some of my favorite beaches in New Jersey are Avalon & Cape May. These are cute perfect little towns with the most manicured lawns you've ever seen. I am hoping to have the chance to photograph weddings here on day, and the bold goal of owning a house there!

History & Culture

D.C. has to have its own category because I first fell in love with this city and the idea of living here 7 years ago. Once I interned here in college, I knew I had to come back. I've always been fascinated by history, culture, politics & learning what exactly makes up the "American Dream." Of course, the photo opportunities are endless & I'll never get enough of the white marble backgrounds!

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